We love creating portraits ~ we get to work closely with our clients to create art that they will cherish forever and have for many other generations to come.

We take our work seriously ~ both, bringing passion and energy. Committed to our art and to You ~ to reflect Your personality and tell Your story. We want to make your photography session fun so you can be yourself and enjoy the experience.


What to wear? Just about anything, but please keep in mind…We want you to be the subject of the picture.

Solids are always best. Black and earth tones are excellent color choices especially with group pictures. Denim photographs nicely as well. Avoid large stripes, large patterns/plaids and clothing with wording or ‘branding’ on them.

Family portraits look best when colors are coordinated.

Individual portraits, such as High School Seniors, bring a variety of clothing. If you’re not sure what works best, bring several outfits and we can help you decide. We recommend at least one outfit for a formal picture OR, just bring a selection of casual outfits that express your personality.

For small children pictures and babies please use the previous advice about colors & patterns. This lets us focus on the many expressions your child has. Many of the outfits made for children have bright colors and logos that tend to distract from the child; however, there is always that one memorable outfit that you want a picture of. Please bring it! We can get creative with your ideas as well. These are your photos and we want you to enjoy them.

We are always happy to visit with you about what outfits might work best with the type of image you’re looking for. Please give us a call with any questions.


What to do with your ‘Do’?

Avoid new hairstyles or having your hair cut or permed the week before your appointment.Hairstyle changes can be made during the sitting for a variety, but should be something simple that can be done quickly Guys-make sure you are clean shaven for your session. Retouching can hide blemishes but not your five’oclock shadow. Mustaches and beards should be neatly trimmed.


Wear your makeup like you would normally wear it! Some enhancement will be done in the final retouching.


Your props are welcome! These are usually things that have meaning and are important to you. Good examples are sports equipment and outfits (jerseys, dance leotards, cheerleader or martial arts uniform, etc.)music instruments (from flutes to rock guitars), pets (if they are housebroken! A pet carrier is recommended) and motorcycles and cars (even your ‘monster’ truck!). Let us know before your session if you plan to bring something unusual…..this will allow us extra time to prepare.


All negatives and original prints are the exclusive property of Camera Man, Inc. and may be used exclusively for display, advertising or other purposes. It is understood that it is in violation of federal copyright law, 17 U.S.C. Section 102, to copy or reproduce any photograph without written consent of the copyright holder.Camera Man, Inc. retains all copyrights and the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute negatives and/or photographs. “The Camera Man” is proud of the custom product we have created for you through our experience, creativity and professionalism. We will protect our image and reputation at all costs to prevent inferior quality reproductions. There is up to a $10,000 fine on people making inferior copies.